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Design - Renovate - Furnish

Design - Renovate - Furnish

Pullman West takes guesswork out of local renovations, interior design

Home renovation and interior design can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. 

Between the expense, the disruption of routine and the seemingly endless parade of contractors and subcontractors, it is easy to see why renovating or redesigning a home is a stressor.

Renovating a home can be so stressful, in fact, that 12 percent of couples consider divorce during the process, according to a Houzz survey. 

Terri Pentz of Pullman West thinks that should change. Created from merging her and her husband’s two companies, Island Paint & Decorating and The East Coast Cabinet Co., in 2017, Pullman West is a design-driven company that thinks big picture before a project even starts.

Terri Pentz gives the example of a person who decorates her home piece by piece with items picked up at a variety of discount decor stores. While each item may be a bargain, the long-term cohesiveness suffers — and a lot of money has already been spent to fill the space with items that do not make a distinctive and complete look. 

The construction trade has a bad reputation for not showing up on time or finishing the project on schedule with good quality products. Pullman West wants to eliminate that uncertainty, inconsistency and frustration. 

“Everyone ‘knows a guy’ that can do some sort of handyman work but that can lead to more stress or even worse, the need to remove and redo what was just installed,” Terri Pentz, who has 30 years’ experience as an interior designer, said. “We want to start from square one and talk about the entire project before a single hammer or paint brush is wielded, including budgets, future needs of the space and what lifestyle changes or issues the homeowner is trying to solve.”

It starts with a discussion of budget and scope of work. Once established, an in-home consultation is scheduled to gain a sense of the space, take measurements, and document “before” photos. That leads to a comprehensive plan of action that keeps homeowners on track — saving time, effort, and costly mistakes. 

Though the topic of budget can be sticky, Terri Pentz insists on having the discussion up front.

What differentiates Pullman West from other remodeling companies is that contracts are not signed with allowances but with selections. Every project is designed, priced, and procured before demolition begins. A timeline for the project can be established only once all items needed to complete the project are chosen. 

Interior design: misunderstood

Designers go beyond selecting the right paint color or scaling furniture to a space. Designers are a combination of engineer and artist, continually learning and seeking answers to complex problems by paying attention to details — often while dealing with multiple opinions, differing design aesthetics and the occasional ridiculous idea.

Watching home design shows has led some to believe they can accomplish complex tasks on their own for an unreasonable budget. It may be “reality TV,” but much of what we see if simply unrealistic, according to Terri Pentz. Design is balance.

Pullman West’s two-story showroom and office building at the corner of Eyster Boulevard and U.S. 1 in Rockledge is a curated collection of all things home. Pullman West specializes in taking the homeowners’ vision to the next level. With a respect for craftsmanship and a sensitivity to the needs and desires to create spaces that are not cookie-cutter, but individualized.

The big picture

Wayne and Laurie Allen Huot recently worked with Pullman West on a full renovation of their Melbourne kitchen, plus new bathroom cabinetry, an updated laundry room and designer assistance on their family and living rooms. The couple moved into the home in 2017 with the intention of updating several rooms.

“We love to cook, and the original kitchen just did not work for us. Justin and Erica of the Pullman West kitchen and bath team helped us design space that is super functional now,” Laurie Allen Huot said. “It is a joy to work in now and has an amazing amount of storage and incredible lighting.”

The Huots took advantage of Pullman West’s showroom and team approach to update their furniture, accessories, and art. The details of the design process and attention to what each item would mean for the bigger picture is what impressed the Huots the most.

“Pullman West understood our style and helped us blend new and family pieces into a current, one-of-a-kind comfortable Florida home,” Laurie Huot said. 

One brand-serving multiple cabinetry needs 

Billy Pentz’s long history in high-quality cabinetry began in a manufacturing facility working the saws, then he quickly transitioned to sales. For almost a decade, he traveled Florida’s east coast for a major corporation that supplied cabinetry direct to custom builders. Through his experience and network, Pullman West created its new construction division that now includes seven of their 18 employees and supplies cabinetry to luxury home builders. Their partnership allows homeowners to have high-end design and personalization and offers a three-week lead time. 

“It is fast-paced, exciting and we make it our mission to provide a stellar service and product,” Billy Pentz said. 

Pullman West also has an authorized contractor program, selling to lower-volume cabinet dealers and remodeling companies that may only purchase several cabinet jobs per year. 

The large showroom also is a perk for those wanting a quick update to their interior.  Furniture, accessories, lighting, artwork, window treatments, flooring, wallpaper, and more are available for instant purchase. Pullman West keeps things fresh and current by selling products in various design styles off the showroom floor.

“We want people to come to us knowing that we can help them complete the entire project, start to finish,” Terri Pentz said. “And knowing that they will end up with something completely beautiful, cohesive and distinctive. 


Pullman West

100 Eyster Blvd., Rockledge

Open Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday and evening hours by appointment


Facebook: /PullmanWest



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