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Retreats Bring Teams Together

Retreats Bring Teams Together

In this technologically connected era of remote workplaces, bringing people together in person is more important than ever. As a result, offsite meetings and team retreats have exploded in popularity, often serving a dual purpose as productive work gathering AND team-building exercise. 

As a Brevard County business owner or organizational leader, finding ways to keep your team motivated, connected, fresh and inspired is important. It can mean the difference between productivity and stagnation, affect morale and staffing turnover rates, and play a big role in year-to-year profits.

If you’re searching for a unique way to reinvigorate your staff or for a creative way to celebrate a job well done, think beyond the confines of the office. Each year, organizations of all sizes tap into the power of team retreats. After the fact, most cite these getaways as a major contributing factor to their team’s successes.

Luckily, you don’t have to take your team across the country to experience the benefits of a destination “workcation.” 

Harbor Stay, a retreat space in Melbourne with room to sleep 45, was designed with teams in mind. The property serves as a fully functional retreat venue, complete with onsite turnkey conference center and plenty of room for small group breakout sessions. However, with amenities like a 10,000 square-foot deck, gourmet kitchen, and a sprawling, meticulously maintained yard — it feels more like a luxe, waterfront estate. 

Local teams can come for single- or multi-day retreats, taking advantage of amenities like the hot tub, fire pit and kayak/stand-up-paddle package — which can put up to 20 people on the water. Though the property is centrally located in the Eau Gallie Arts District, the destination vibe is evident the moment you pass through the gates. It’s in Brevard, but feels worlds away. 

Specialized destination retreats can benefit your organization in a big way for years to come. Here’s how … 

Improved Communication. This safe environment where people feel encouraged to speak freely fosters communication. This can be a powerful tool for bringing fresh ideas to the surface and empowering team members to discuss what’s working/not working.

Morale Boost. Nothing says employee appreciation quite like a trip to a new, exciting location! By rewarding positive behavior with a retreat, you’re creating incentive for staff to repeat those behaviors, setting your company up for future successes. Plus, a few days together in paradise help bring stress down and mood up. 

Fewer Distractions = Increased Productivity. How often do you have the luxury of getting and keeping your entire staff together under one roof? Retreats provide an opportunity to train your staff, pull them together for project planning or skill-building, and brainstorm without day-to-day office distractions. 

Team Bonding. One of the greatest parts of working with a team is getting to know each other, but sometimes we lose sight of the individual while chasing the bottom line. Team building is the essential building block to any successful retreat, and can play a big role in the cohesiveness of your crew. 

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