Viera Builders' Mary D. Mead Has Passion for Customer-Centric Homes
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Viera Builders' Mary D. Mead Has Passion for Customer-Centric Homes

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Viera Builders Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viera Builders Mary D. Mead.

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Viera Builders' Highland model in Pangea Park.

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Viera Builders sales team. Top row L-R: Paula Tchorowski, Suzanne Haughwout, Edgar Cobos, Mary Mead, Ryan Reilly, Ian Scalia, Kenya Holmes Bottom row L-R: Debbie Hunter, Paula Jones, Lisa Steele, Lucy Strote.

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The Viera Builders Calistoga II kitchen is an example of the future Mendocino II kitchen in Laurasia.

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Viera Builders' Parker II model living room in Pangea Park.

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Viera Builders Mecina II model courtyard in Reeling Park.

Viera Builders is the homebuilding subsidiary of the vertically integrated and diversified real estate operation of The Viera Company. As Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viera Builders, Mary D. Mead oversees the homebuilding division’s design, sales, and marketing teams in their quest to create award-winning, livable, and innovative homes that appeal to multi-generational homebuyers throughout the Viera master-planned community.

Mary’s vision for customer-centric floor plans and customizable options has set the company apart from its competition, making it the leading builder in the Space Coast region. We sat down with Mary to discuss how her passion for design and livability drives her design and sales teams.

You have a passion for various aspects of home design, both interior and exterior. How has this passion worked for you in the ways you communicate your leadership style?

Viera Builders has always put innovation at the forefront of the design and building of our homes. Our architects and interior designers are always looking at the new home industry for new design trends, products, and construction techniques to bring our customers more value. 

As a sales, marketing, and interior design leader in the homebuilding industry for over 22 years, I continually use my background and experience to encourage and lead my design, sales, and marketing teams to stay abreast of current trends that will ensure our company continues to lead the way in the industry.  

I encourage my team to attend conferences, participate in online workshops, visit other builders’ websites and tour models to stay informed of the latest trends. It is important that everyone is immersed in what other builders are doing so that we can bring new ideas to the table when we are designing new homes and neighborhoods.

How has your expertise in working with Viera Builders enhanced the company profile in the community? 

Viera Builders has always had an excellent reputation as a customer-centric homebuilding company. The team embodies all of the qualities of The Viera Company, which is to manage our interactions with everyone with honesty, integrity, and fair dealings. My interaction with local real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, manufacturer partners, and other community leaders has broadened how the company interacts with our partners inside and outside the homebuilding industry.

My expertise in design, sales, and marketing has allowed the company to look at the homebuilding design and construction process in a more holistic manner, which has unified our approach to architecture and interior design, giving our customers more flexibility to create the home of their dreams.

Bringing a unique perspective can sometimes be a challenge. How do you keep your edge? 

I have been immersed in the homebuilding industry for over 22 years, and it is still as exciting today as it was when I first started. As a thought leader and visionary, I spend a lot of time studying what other thought leaders are doing, as well as reading and listening to leaders of homebuilding, architecture, and design firms across the country. There is no shortage of good ideas in the homebuilding industry, and I challenge myself to know as much as possible about the latest trends so that I can bring that knowledge back to the Viera design, sales, and marketing team.

How often do you use topical debate in your management style?  

Since everyone has a personal relationship with their home, everyone has an opinion about architecture, floor plans, and interior designs. I encourage my team to bring their opinions about our home designs to the table as long as they can back those opinions up with research supporting why they believe their idea will be successful in our homes and/or neighborhoods. Good ideas, backed up with real-life data, are always welcomed on my team!

Sales in the real estate market can be somewhat volatile due to changing conditions. How do you keep your teams motivated and steady during these times?

As one of the most successful homebuilders in Viera and on the Space Coast, my sales team understands they cannot take selling homes in the community for granted. They know that every prospective homeowner has a choice for where they want to live, and they treat each future homeowner with respect and integrity. 

As a team, we are always looking for ways to improve how we interact with prospects, our local real estate community, our construction team, area lenders, and other organizations vital to our success. We never rest on our laurels and are always brainstorming ways to design better homes, improve communications with our customers, and ensure that our homeowners become raving fans of Viera Builders! 

My philosophy is that you always strive to “do what is right” daily to meet our customers’ needs. No matter what the market conditions may be, my team knows they are offering their customer the highest-quality designed and constructed home, built with integrity and an enduring commitment to do the right thing for every homeowner, which will always be appealing to prospective buyers in any market. 


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