Heartbeat of Brevard: The Glass House
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Heartbeat of Brevard: The Glass House

Heartbeat of Brevard: The Glass House

EverythingBrevard magazine is proud to introduce Christi Adams and The Glass House as our first Heartbeat of Brevard

Like each heartbeat pumps life throughout its body, we are proud to celebrate the people and organizations infusing life into our community. Separately, they sustain people in their circles, but together, they are the rhythm and lifeblood of the Space Coast.

Name: Christi Adams
Organization: The Glass House 
Title: Director and CEO


About The Glass House:

The Glass House started in 2009 with one house and has grown into a seven-house operation that serves over 100 women per year on their journey of recovery from drugs and alcohol. More than 650 women were part of the program in the last five years. 

The organization provides a safe community residence for adult women to work a 12-step program and build connections with other women on the same path. Residents receive support while adjusting to sober life while attending college, work, and rebuilding connections with friends and families. All recovery housing staff were previous residents of The Glass House.

“We openly accept diverse individuals and work with people who have mental health needs, members of all religions, LGBTQ community members, previously incarcerated women, human trafficking survivors, and domestic violence survivors,” Adams said. “Our goal is to provide safe housing no matter what your story looked like before walking through our doors.”

Along her own journey through recovery 30 years ago, Adams said she succeeded in part due to connections in the community. She went on to teach and work with underrepresented women and their families, and in 2009, she opened the doors to the first “Glass House.” 

“The name emerged from the understanding that addiction comes from a loss of your spiritual self, as you lack the transparency to see into yourself,” Adams said. “The Glass House is the opposite — you can see clearly through the walls and acknowledge the vulnerability it takes to live a life in recovery.”

Adams, who has masters and specialist degrees in brain-based learning, has served the Central Florida community for many years as an educator and advocate for children and families. She is highly skilled in human development and specializes in working with individuals with chemical dependency issues, alcoholism, and emotionally unique individuals. 

The Future

“Just like when we started, there was a need for more resources and safe living for women in recovery, that need still exists and we attempt to grow with the need,” Adams said. “The next step for The Glass House will be opening a house that allows women to bring their children.

“We would also like to continue to grow our scholarship fund for women in their first few weeks in our houses. Also, an additional scholarship fund to help women pay for education and professional development opportunities.”

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