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Take a Space Coast Staycation: Rediscover Your Own Backyard

Take a Space Coast Staycation: Rediscover Your Own Backyard

When the COVID-19 pandemic started making its way across the Space Coast, life as we knew it changed in a heartbeat. COVID-19 became real when stay-at-home orders went into effect, causing local businesses who were otherwise thriving, to slow to a trickle or close entirely. 

The pandemic shall pass, but the Melbourne Regional Chamber isn’t waiting. We are actively providing resources for the business community to recover and sharing impactful opportunities for community members to promote local businesses across the Space Coast. 

Hence the inspiration behind the Melbourne Regional Chamber’s Space Coast Staycation Campaign. The Chamber knows tourism is a top demand driver of the Space Coast economy. Until outside tourism returns, we plan to encourage residents to rediscover what makes the Space Coast such a desirable vacation spot while also supporting our hospitality partners at the same time. 

The goal of this grass roots revitalization campaign is to drive the local economy, post-pandemic, utilizing local influencers and an interactive staycation-planner. This will not only be a fun way to help boost the local economy, but it will give residents a way to give back to their community by becoming tourists in their own town. 

How It Works was designed to help residents in and around the Space Coast plan the perfect staycation and support local tourism based businesses.

At the core, there will be a landing page with the ability to build an itinerary of their Space Coast Staycation with the results of their itinerary being shareable to social media channels. Locals will be able to choose multiple local businesses to create a staycation itinerary. The influencer-centric campaign also aims to increase reach and engagement on social media, as well as traffic to the custom website. 

Become a Staycationer 

Visit The Website 

Surf over to and find everything you need to create the ultimate staycation on the Space Coast. From kid-friendly hotels, attractions, and restaurants to romantic getaways to group outings, here you can explore what to do, where to stay, and more.

Build An Itinerary 

Another excellent feature of the site is the easy-to-use staycation planner. It further helps you make the most of your staycation on the Space Coast by putting everything you need to build your itinerary right at your fingertips

Share On Social Media 

Whatever you do, do not forget to share it on social media. Use #spacecoaststaycation and caption it with your own personal voice and experience. It could be anything from a video of you creating your own staycation itinerary to a photo of you with it, and of course shots of you at local businesses as you’re enjoying your actual staycation. Just be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to create amazing content and share it across your social media channels.  


As president and CEO of the Melbourne Regional Chamber, Michael Ayers is a strategic leader with experience managing government agencies, political campaigns and community-based organizations. He has spent over 17 years in government relations, management, and political marketing.


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