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Connected Appliances Equal Culinary Bliss

Connected Appliances Equals Culinary Bliss

In every home, the one area that we tend to spend the most time in and the most popular gathering spot is the Kitchen. Convenience, efficiency and food preservation are the priorities with today’s lifestyle. The infusion of technology into the kitchen space creates pure culinary bliss! 

Appliance manufacturers have taken research and needs of consumers and offered products with cutting edge features that bring out the inner chef in us all.

With the shift to clean eating/whole food lifestyles and prices of produce increasing, wasting food is not an option. Food preservation is key and Sub Zero has the top edge on the technology for keeping veggies fresh and lasting. They offer a refrigeration system with dual compressors and a special air filtration system to specifically filter out ethylene gas, any viruses and bacteria, therefore offering the best preservation of your produce and food. Those unique features make Sub Zero well worth the investment in the bigger picture.

Healthier cooking options like a Convection Steam oven are gaining popularity, as well. You can utilize each feature individually or combine both. The baked bread that I tried in the Wolf steam oven was amazing! It is a welcomed surprise option to microwave ovens.

The most exciting feature across the board with most appliance vendors is “connected appliances.” Technology is utilized best in connected appliances using Google and Alexa to accept commands like turn the oven on, dispense a specific amount of water, download recipes, display what is in your refrigerator remotely while you are at the grocery store, etc. 

The Family Hub by Samsung is a perfect example and offers a connection point for busy families to create grocery lists, schedules, draw pictures, jam out with Pandora streaming through the refrigerator speakers while you are cooking and more. Modern conveniences for the contemporary family or tech savvy individuals.

There are some hot design trends in the kitchen now, too. JennAir, Wolf and Dacor offer sleek contemporary designs and even custom hardware and colors if you want a truly unique and designer look. However, stainless steel finish is still king in the appliance world. 

To coordinate with these sleek new appliances, plumbing and lighting manufacturers offer a vast array of unique and tech savvy fixtures. Delta offers Voice IQ to dispense water on command, which is fantastic for hands-free or to assist with disabilities. Two-toned or color plumbing and lighting fixtures are offered in matte black and gold, interchangeable color components and a fusion of old and new designs. Even under-cabinet lighting from Legrand Adorne offers you a sleek hidden track which eliminates outlets providing power, light, USB and a holder for your tablet or phone to download recipes. 

The options are endless and certainly make the kitchen a fun and creative space to make uniquely yours. Let the savory celebration begin!


Kristina Kitsopoulos, a licensed interior designer and owner of K2 Living Well, has been practicing for over 22 years.   She provides interior design consultation for both residential and commercial interiors offering a full spectrum of services from color theory to new-build or full-renovation coordination. She specializes in harmonizing spaces with natural elements and organic form. Learn more at


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