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Never Stop Moving

Never Stop Moving

During my time as a CrossFit and USA Weightlifting certified coach, my favorite motto when introducing new people to the barbell and the life they were about to embark on in the high-intensity fitness world, was: Never stop moving.

The gym was my church. But this lifelong athlete had my momentum halted by the road bumps known as age, health issues and motherhood. It was a heart issue that manifested during a 5K run that literally stopped me in my tracks. Dropped to the ground, in fact. I was forced to step back from the only life I’d known.

People in their 30s shouldn’t have cardiologists. We embarked on a multi-year investigation of tests and medicinal dosing. I’ll never forget the doctor saying early on, “Well, you won’t die from this.” Of course that was comforting, but even later when I was not only cleared to go back to exercise, but advised to start introducing it again… I didn’t.

I remember in the thick of my eight years of high-intensity workouts how I’d have to force myself to take a day off. It was amazing how my body adapted to being able to come back day after day despite the beatdown I gave it. It was addictive. I needed it. It was easy to keep going.

But after transitioning to an inactive person, it was too easy to drop my daughter to school then drive home instead of the gym. I no longer craved the gym because I’d cycled the good feelings out of my system. And it clearly was going to take a whole lot of force to get any momentum going again.

I did try yoga and fell in love with it. Wondered why I hadn’t tried it 20 years ago. It was the only place I found where I could slow down my brain. My muscles and soul were happy, but it didn’t provide the fitness my heart needed.

I also would sigh and have flashbacks as I drove by Trinity Fitness Suntree. I would pass through their parking lot multiple times a week and see the members doing what I was forgetting how to do. I even told myself, “Those days are over for me.”

It was THREE YEARS of driving by before I stopped two coaches outside and asked about the schedule. Three years of driving by others exercising their bodies, minds and souls in a safe place. And the first day I actually walked in the door, I knew the momentum was back.

Trinity Fitness Suntree, thank you for welcoming me into your community. Yes, I “pulled” something my second workout back. Yes, I need to remember I’m not 29, or even 39, anymore. But the gym is my church, once again. I smile every time I’m there.

If you’ve stopped moving from whatever it is you loved doing, just find a way back through that door.


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