Resources Help Every Student Find Their Path
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Resources Help Every Student Find Their Path

Resources Help Every Student Find Their Path

For many seniors, the goal is simple: graduation. But Brevard Public Schools is encouraging students to think past the cap and gown and to focus on life after high school. BPS is making great strides to help students find their pathway to employment while still in high school. No matter the level of secondary education one receives, the goal is the same: gainful employment.

According to Paula Bewerse of the BPS District College and Career Readiness department, “Everything leads to a career,” but everyone’s path is different. That department has incredible resources for students. From devoted employees to specialty programs, BPS is dedicated to helping each student find their path. 

College & Career Specialists

One of the newest resources implemented this year is the placement of a college and career specialist at each BPS secondary school. Bewerse encourages students to engage their school counselor and their college and career specialist early in their high school career and to also familiarize themselves with the resources available through the district on the Secondary Leading & Learning page of the BPS website. 

Financial Aid

The cost of college classes or career certifications can be daunting. However, according to the U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid, most people qualify for some sort of financial aid. Many are unaware of that, which is why, BPS encourages everyone to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Application

CTE Programs

The school district recognizes a traditional college experience is not for everyone. Therefore, we have robust career and technical education (CTE) programs in place to help prepare students for college and/or a career. Through the internship program, pre-apprenticeship program, 75 different industry certifications, and over 40 individual CTE programs, BPS students are gaining relevant experience and knowledge before leaving high school. From hospitality to cybersecurity to manufacturing, Brevard’s students have access to classes that will help them enter the most prosperous industries in our area. 

Students can earn industry-recognized credentials at no cost to them. This school year, students have earned over 3,300 industry certifications, preparing them for careers in graphic design, public safety, and more. For more information on CTE, visit the BPS website

Dual Enrollment

Another great opportunity is dual enrollment, which allows secondary students to take college-level courses to earn high school and college credits. More than 5,000 BPS students participate in dual enrollment programs each year, and the best part is there is no cost for students or their families. As early as 10th grade, students can begin working toward an associate degree in arts or science. Read more information on Academic Dual Enrollment here.     

BPS is not just teaching traditional classroom subjects but is preparing students for graduation and beyond. Everyone needs a pathway, and BPS teachers, faculty, and staff are working daily to help every student find theirs. 


Kellyn Nobregas is the senior coordinator of government and community relations for Brevard Public Schools (BPS). BPS is Brevard County’s largest employer and is the 10th largest school district in Florida. Kellyn is a new resident of Brevard County and is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner.

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