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Make Your Home Work Space Work For You

Make Your Home Work Space Work For You

Professional life today is diverse, unique and often more challenging than it used to be. Most households have both adults working full-time, and juggling family and work can be cumbersome. 

A lot of careers allow the option to work from home or remotely. The recent global pandemic forced many who hadn’t yet worked from home to start doing so. Some key things can help make a work-from-home situation a success. 

It’s imperative to find a space that offers privacy and quiet time to focus, especially if there are children home or another partner also working from the same location. It can be quite a balancing act learning to play well in the sandbox.

A lot of new construction homes have an office or study room, which makes it ideal to have the flexibility to work from home. This also can be a space to take care of personal business like paying bills or decompressing. 

Home offices can incorporate themes that make you feel good, invigorate and motivate you. They can range from elaborate elegant themes such as decor based on the classic film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or take on an earthy Tommy Bahama feel. Some are modern or might be as simple as a fold-away desk in a corner. 

I have designed spaces like this for clients who use the multipurpose room for meditation or yoga. It is a sanctuary for individuals to retreat to so they can focus on the task at hand. A destination within a space where the mind can shift gears from home life to work mode. 

The majority of existing homes do not have this luxury and space may be limited. This is where the creativity comes in. I like to think of these areas as modular or neutral spaces. Every home has an area that may not be used 100% of the time. This is where a space can be converted to an office, even for part of the day. Once that space is identified, a work area can be defined. 

Many manufacturers also provide modular furniture that provides adequate workspace but then folds or closes to present as a lovely piece of furniture in the living room or dining room. Spare bedrooms are a perfect option for this. With Murphy beds making a big comeback, this room could be an office by day, guest room by night. Storage options are plentiful and can also provide cool ways to keep office materials neatly stored.

I truly believe every home needs a solitude space designated somewhere in their home. No matter how small or big. A time portal to focus on hopes, dreams, big ideas, financial gains, education, creative designs, meditation and wellness goals. Whatever or wherever this space is for you within your home, make it your own so that it fulfills you with a sense of accomplishment and pride.


Kristina Kitsopoulos, a licensed interior designer and owner of K2 Living Well, has been practicing for over 22 years.   She provides interior design consultation for both residential and commercial interiors offering a full spectrum of services from color theory to new-build or full-renovation coordination. She specializes in harmonizing spaces with natural elements and organic form. Learn more at


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