Beer Drives Economic Development
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Beer Drives Economic Development

Beer Drives Economic Development

In today’s world of economic development, the name of the game is talent attraction — the pursuit of the most appropriate candidates not only for a business, but for a region to thrive. Cities across the U.S. are finding new and creative ways to showcase to talent just why their area is the place to live, work and play — and the Space Coast is no exception with the EDC’s 

The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast’s (EDC) most recent talent attraction initiative is taking a new spin by asking the question: which beer goes best with rocket launches? Bring in the “Live Big Guide to SpaceCraft Beer Pairings,” which highlights something unique ONLY to Florida’s Space Coast — a rocket/beer pairing guide featuring local beer AND local spacecraft. 

Enjoy a taste below and go online for more. Cheers! 


Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor building NASA’s Orion, the only spacecraft designed for long-duration, human deep-space exploration. Orion is the centerpiece of the agency’s Artemis program to build a sustainable presence on the lunar surface and to prepare for the mission to Mars. 

With sights on the red planet, the Orion’s perfect pairing is the Robonaut® Red Ale from Playalinda Brewing Company. Not only is it the right shade, but this craft beer is named after NASA’s own robotic astronaut.

Space Coast History of Orion:

The Orion is assembled and launched on Florida’s Space Coast. In February 2006, the EDC announced Lockheed Martin’s plans to locate final assembly and checkout operations of NASA’s crew exploration vehicle (CEV) at Kennedy Space Center. It marked the first time the Space Coast would provide assembly and checkout services for a major human space launch program. 


Seven reusable BE-4 LNG/LOX engines thrust Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket — the largest rocket since the Saturn V. With two times the payload volume of any existing launch vehicle, this is one BIG spacecraft. 

Something so big called for a pairing of adequate proportions. Bring in the Swamp Ape Double IPA from Cape Canaveral’s Carib Brewery coming in at a whopping 10% ABV. The intense hop bitterness balanced by moderate fruity esters and a medium malt character offers big taste for a BIG rocket.

Space Coast History of Blue Origin:

In 2015, the EDC announced that Blue Origin, LLC would design, manufacture, and launch from Exploration Park at Kennedy Space Center. This marked the first time all aspects of commercial spacecraft development and launch would be completed within the Space Coast. 

Since the announcement, Blue Origin has built over 1 million square feet of manufacturing, test, and launch facilities only 9 miles from the launch pad. 

Drink Up and Look Up

Discover all the SpaceCraft beer pairings on Florida’s Space Coast at  



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