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Meet the Everything Brevard team: Remotely Connected

Meet the Everything Brevard team: Remotely Connected

Tracy Stroderd, Owner, CEO

Building a team that functions cohesively is not an easy task no matter what kind of business you own.

When I started eight years ago, I had two full-time employees. I struggled to keep the revenue and workflow coming in consistently, and eventually had to face the reality that we were in our infancy and didn’t have enough work or revenue to support those two full-time employees. My dilemma: I still needed both of their skill sets.

I read recently on that 70% of all businesses with employees fail within the first 10 years.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this has little to do with the economic climate.

My first step to solving this issue was to define the actual skill sets that were needed and prioritize them. I then began to look for individuals who wanted to work and contribute to their community, needed flexible hours and didn’t require a full-time income. As it turned out, moms and women entrepreneurs who were educated with a specific skill set and who were growing their business or raising young children where a perfect match!

One by one, the team was formed. Most team members have their own business, and EverythingBrevard is their primary client. They work from home and manage their own schedules. We have remote systems and processes that keep us connected and we use each other’s talents to build and grow business all while keeping our families and clients a top priority.  

Meet the team:

Lee Nessel: Managing Editor

“What a blessing that I met Tracy at a time when the demands in my life shifted. I love what I do and love even more that I can dive into it from my home office or from my daughter’s performing arts studio, the airplane, and wherever wifi connects me while traveling in different cities. Everything Brevard is a team of modern women who carry many responsibilities, and I’m proud to be an example for my daughter and others of someone who can contribute my skill set while still being there to soak up all her adventures.”

Christina Stuart: Photographer

“I love my EB team! Working with these beautiful, talented women is fun and rewarding. It's like working with my best friends. We all have similar goals in wanting to highlight this amazing community and the wonderful people and businesses within it. Working with EB is unique because I'm able to work the magazine shoots around my freelance photojournalist business. I have traveled to four countries and shot conferences in multiple states and all over Florida this past year while also getting all necessary photos shot for every issue of the magazine. I love the flexibility, versatility and variety I have working for EB. My only wish is that we got together in person more often because we always have so much fun together!”

Caley Churchy: Art Director

I was lucky to be a part of the EB team since the beginning. When I ventured out on my own almost six years ago, it only made sense that my friendship with Tracy blossomed into a beautiful working relationship. We have tackled huge piles of projects together over the years and when she called to say that she wanted to create a magazine, I could barely allow her to finish before I jumped in with a resounding, ‘YES!’ The team she has created to pull this huge feat to fruition is an amazing group of talented women. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Everything Brevard.”

Tracy Kohlstedt: Advertising

“What I love about working with the EB team is that it allows me to have a poised work-life balance that you could never truly have at a traditional office. Working remotely is what makes the EB team unique for me. We can work from wherever we want and still accomplish all our goals and tasks in a timely, effective method. I’ve learned how to be self-motivated and an effective communicator. I absolutely love working remotely with the EB team and never want to go back to the old-school way of doing things!”

Taylor Sokol: Events

“Working with EB is different and unique for me in many ways. Not only do I get the flex-time needed for school, being a mom and work but I get the joy of working side-by-side with my amazing mother (Tracy Stroderd) and our incredible high-vibe tribe of powerful women. Learning all of the incredible stories from our community, watching my mom's dreams come to life and receiving such positive feedback from our supporters are just a few of my favorite perks!”

Michelle Mulak: Social media

“There's a lot to love about working with the Everything Brevard team. First, everyone is working to their strengths. Each of us has a role doing what we do best and enjoy most, with a shared end-game goal of creating something together. Next, the values of our team and our mission are clearly defined. This makes it easy for our team to identify what's worth pursuing, and speaks to the internal drive I personally have to do work with purpose. Finally, the autonomy of our flexible, work-from-wherever arrangement is fantastic. Knowing you're trusted completely to do your job on the terms that work best for you is empowering and liberating.”

Stefanie Chrisman: Administrative

“When I started working with Tracy on her website in 2013, I had no idea the huge impact it would have on my life. I am so proud of what it has grown into and how it has encouraged me to grow. The remote work and flexibility allow me to move anywhere in the country and work on other projects while remaining part of the team. I enjoy working with this dynamic group of women with a common cause and hope it continues for years.”

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