Tracys Wellness Journey: Living and Eating in My Season
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Tracys Wellness Journey: Living and Eating in My Season

I love Spring. For many, it represents new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a season full of possibilities.

Spring is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. With more sunlight and moderate temperatures, people are venturing out, moving their bodies, and engaging in community activities. Our events calendar is full of opportunities to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Flowers are blooming, gardens are growing, and our outdoor spaces are beginning to flourish. The environment is changing, wildlife is emerging, and the sounds of spring fill the air. Life feels lighter in the sunshine.

The scents of spring are refreshing, especially in the kitchen. Spring is perfect for breathing new life into your meal planning. Farmers markets grab my attention this time of year. Seeing all the fresh produce inspires my creativity in the kitchen and my desire to eat well and live my best life.

My husband and I have attempted all types of gardening here on Florida’s Space Coast and always seem to come up short. Be it bad soil, the bugs, limited time, or the high levels of frustration, we gave up. Until I met Erin. Erin is an expert at raised-bed gardening and offered to help me when she saw the dormant raised beds in my yard.

Growing my own food brings me back to my roots. With Erin’s help, I’ve had success. It’s not perfect, but the success we’ve had is giving me hope that I can do this. So much so, that I’ve also added a Tower Garden to the mix. To learn more about tower gardening, feel free to visit my website at It, too, is taking off. I recently added pepper plants, rosemary, cucumbers, and spinach to my tower. 

In my kitchen, I’m a fan of keeping it simple. I embrace recipes that call for fresh seasonal produce and have five ingredients or less. Sheet pan and stir fry meals loaded with fresh vegetables, herbs, and lean proteins are my top favorites.

Making sourdough bread is another adventure that I’ve embarked on. The recipe has four ingredients: sourdough starter, water, salt, and flour. That’s it. It’s a process to make but so rewarding and good for gut health. Gifting sourdough with fresh honey from our farm in Georgia fills my soul.

Teaching others the art of sourdough bread baking has been fun. It started when I brought a loaf of bread with honey to share with my Bible study group. I embraced the opportunity when a few ladies in my group asked me to teach them how — that turned into me holding classes and teaching others about sourdough bread baking and growing your own food.  

Growing my self-confidence is empowering me to take on new challenges and embrace this season of my life. I’m loving it.  

What new things are you embracing in your life this season?

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Meet Our Publisher/CEO

Tracy Stroderd embodies the ultimate success story as an entrepreneur who brings consumers and businesses together. She is a speaker, business strategist and consultant who uses her unique combination of real-world entrepreneurial experience and formal business education to champion small-business success. Her love for working with entrepreneurs and making an impact in her community stems from growing up in a small town where she was born into the world of entrepreneurship.

Tracy earned a master of arts in administration from Barry University, where she has taught services marketing. She is a trained facilitator and mentor for the IGNITE 360 Mentoring Program at weVENTURE Women’s Business Center powered by Florida Institute of Technology. She has taught in the entrepreneurship program at Eastern Florida State College. Tracy has served on the executive committee/board of directors at the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce. She has served on this board since 2017 and was the chairwoman from 2018-2020.

In 2022, Tracy launched a Toastmasters International Club at the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce and was recognized with a Club President Award in recognition of dedicated service and outstanding leadership.

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