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Lemonade Stand - Ava Rhoads

Lemonade Stand - Ava Rhoads


Ava Rhoads


Junky to Funky



(Turns 15 on Sept. 19)

Business origin:

Ava and her family live in a historical house in Rockledge. All the wood she uses for her custom signs is recycled from old houses or old floor boards, including her own!

How it works:

Ava is all hands on to make her signs. She cuts the wood, sands it, paints, sands again to give a distressed look, and finally stencils the wording. She made her first sale at the inaugural Brevard Children’s Business Fair and takes custom orders.

“I love seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they get their new sign,” Ava said. “It makes me so excited.”

She loves working in the garage and being crafty. “I’m still a little too young to get an actual job so it’s fun to do crafts and make money at the same time!”

More about Ava:

In her free time, Ava enjoys dancing and hanging out with friends. But she’s a true entrepreneur at heart. She also runs a slime company, selling slime through Etsy.  

“My dream is to open a luxurious pet hotel,” Ava said. “I foster animals through my animal shelter and that has grown my love for all different types of animals. I want to major in entrepreneurship in college so that I can start my own businesses. When I was younger, I would make a notebook filled with different business ideas.”

Her favorite quote is, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footsteps on the moon.”

“My husband and I are so proud of Ava,” said mom, Kelly Rhoads. “Her dad (Ryan) is an entrepreneur, as was her grandfather and great grandfather. She also is surrounded by family members who are entrepreneurs and has been lucky to see the joys, challenges, and hard work and dedication that go into owning your own business.

“...Over time, her ideas have evolved and she has begun writing business plans, figuring out costs, designs, and more. For years, she has had neighborhood lemonade stands and learned some of the basics. She has many notebooks full of ideas for businesses… She is a great student, a dancer, and manages to do it all well. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.”


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