Lemonade Stand - Jersie's Fizzies
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Lemonade Stand - Jersie's Fizzies

Lemonade Stand - Jersie's Fizzies


Jersie Ramos

Jersie’s Fizzies


Business origin:

Jersie’s Fizzies began last summer while Jersie Ramos was making favors for her upcoming birthday party at her grandmother (Gigi) Jeanne Whitman’s spa, Achieve Beautiful Skin. Jersie and her mother, Kari, worked together to make bath bombs using a recipe that they found on Pinterest. When they were finished with the party favors, Kari suggested Jersie ask Gigi if she would sell them at her spa.

They were an instant hit with her customers and things expanded from there. Now, Jersie makes specialty bath bombs for holidays and occasions including: Back to school, Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Her favorite bath fizzies so far are the Halloween ones that were made in plastic cauldrons that fizzed over when dunked under water. They bubbled out just like a witch’s spell.

How it works:

Kari tries to give Jersie as much responsibility and freedom as possible to run her business — she even came up with the name on her own. Jersie makes all of the design and financial decisions. Her mom manages the Facebook page, but she requires Jersie to respond to all of the messages, questions, and orders. Mom and daughter work together to make and package the fizzies.


“It is a lot of work and plenty messy, but it’s super fun,” Jersie’ said. Her favorite part of the process is when she washes the leftover bath bomb off of her hands. “It fizzes up and feels really good!” The natural ingredients include: baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, essential oils and corn starch.

Jersie has learned so much about business communication, finances, and perseverance. Her first purchase with the money she’s earned was a big-girl bicycle, which she is very proud of. Jersie’s little brother, Ryan, loves to help because it is messy and fun. She always gives him money at the end of each seasonal batch of fizzies.

Learn more:

You can find Jersie’s Fizzies at Achieve Beautiful Skin in Viera. She also sells them through word of mouth and on Facebook.

Facebook: /jersiesfizzies

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