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Law Enforcement Eternal Flame Project Unveiled Today For Space Coast Of Florida

Law Enforcement Eternal Flame Project Unveiled Today For Space Coast Of Florida

The American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville, FL is announcing today, on Peace Officer’s Memorial Day, a significant new law enforcement tribute. The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame will be a ten-story tall symbol burning an adjustable flame of up to twenty feet tall that blazes from a blue ‘memory rose’ petal. The flame will burn twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This tribute monument has been hailed as the single most significant monument to law enforcement since President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago signed into law a proclamation naming May 15 as National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day.

Rush Construction, a premier Space Coast contractor, is in charge of the overall project, with the architectural and engineering services provided by Eleven 18 Architecture and Honeycutt & Associates. The selection for the contractor tasked to build the Eternal Flame tribute has been narrowed down to two major contractors out of Orlando, both of whom do special projects for the Disney parks.

Barry Shepherd, CEO at the American Police Hall of Fame said, “The sheer size and significance of this beautiful work of art will definitely make a statement, and will represent all law enforcement: past, present, and future. It has been on the drawing board for a couple of years but has been a company vision for a long time. We have already made a commitment to this project by purchasing ve acres of vacant land directly adjacent to the Hall of Fame facility and we plan on breaking ground in January of next year, 2020. We plan on holding our dedication ceremony in October of 2020, which is also the 60th anniversary of the Hall of Fame.”

The United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame is the first of several projects planned by the Hall of Fame over the next three years. A few of the projects include a heliport, pavilions, mini golf course and a 30,000 square foot expansion of the existing facility. The expansion will house a dynamic new educational area, already under development, focusing on forensics and STEM education.

“Not only will the Flame be a lasting tribute to our men and women in blue, but it will draw attention to our many other programs currently serving law enforcement nationwide,” Shepherd explained. “We will also give law enforcement supporters across America the chance to make their own personal statement of gratitude through a stunning commemorative brick pathway leading up to the flame. The Walk of Heroes will personalize and breath life into the flame for all who visit and all who passionately support those who serve.”

For more information on the United States Law Enforcement Eternal Flame please go to  and for more information on the American Police Hall of Fame please go to


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