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Natures Market Health Foods to build The Worlds Tallest Tower of Tofu

Natures Market Health Foods to build  The Worlds Tallest Tower of Tofu

Nature's Market Celebrates the City of Melbourne’s official Tofu Day – March 1st, 2019 

The management at Nature’s Market Health Foods are no strangers to setting records of the unusual. In October 2014, they built a 535 pound kale salad (the largest kale salad ever made) for their 8 year anniversary at their Apollo Blvd location. The next year, in 2015, they successfully petitioned the city of Melbourne to declare March 1st, Tofu Day. 

Now on the anniversary of that declaration – they are building the first ever TOWER OF TOFU. 
The 2000 plus boxes of shelf stable tofu is being supplied by Morinaga Moir-Nu Tofu and will be donated to local charities after the tower comes down. The 1500 pounds of boxes will be shipped from the suppliers warehouse in New York. 

The Tower of Tofu is the brain child of Richard Hendry, operations manager for Natures Market.
“We wanted to do something big for Tofu Day”, Hendry said,”And since a giant tower of tofu has never been done - it was an easy call. Lets hope its easy to build.” When Hendry told the grocery supervisor, Ben Rhoads, his reply was simply “that’s insane – lets do it!” 

Hendry and his crew will start building the tower at 7am with the hopes of completing it by days end. The Tower will remain up all weekend. 

The Tower of Tofu will be erected at the store at 701 S. Apollo Blvd, Melbourne on March 1st to draw attention to the healthy soy based, meat-free alternative for the official Tofu Day and the start of National Nutrition Month. In combination with the Tower’s building party, the store will feature Meat – Free Hot Bar Meals in their cafe, 25% off all meat free products in the store and information on the health benefits of including them in your diet.

The public is encouraged to come out watch and/or help build the tower. For more information on the event or to apply for donations please call 321-724-6923, or visit them on facebook: NaturesMarket Healthfood

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