CARE Maximize Your Performance Training
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CARE Maximize Your Performance Training

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training

These are uncharted waters you are in and these waters are all riled up. You have been hit with the unexpected not once or twice, but daily. No one was given prep time or a manual to follow. Without warning,

Overnight, the students expected you to be the lighthouse to guide them through these turbulent seas of change. You have your own challenges at home to deal with, your own fears, uncertainty and doubt to manage. So, what fuels you? What keeps your light burning bright?

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training will support you in tapping into the resources you have within you. You will discover new strategies that are simple to implement so that you can make meaningful changes that will have your students taking consequential action. Successfully navigating these waters for yourself, you can be the guiding force for your students without letting it deplete you.

Using the tools in the CARE Training, you will be able to guide your students to kiss procrastination goodbye, manage big emotions,

around them. They can learn to be at peace vs anxious, energized vs burned out, secure vs uncertain, and

You can light the way for your students to know that within them they, too, have what it takes to navigate safely into port despite all odds. By trusting themselves, they can get their coursework done, take care of themselves, and create a bright future.

CARE Maximize Your Performance Training
The core tenet of the CARE Philosophy is Being You Matters. When you embrace this knowledge for yourself and others, an elevated appreciation for you and humanity is cultivated.

Four Modules will be offered on Thursdays from Noon – 1:00 pm

November 12th: Social Intelligence for Cooperation

November 19th: Connect for Effective Communication

December 3rd: Emotional Intelligence for Engagement

December 10th: Leadership for Civility in all Relationships


Faculty, Teachers, and Staff will have access to four 60-minute Live and Recorded Trainings

  • Content and training on the module and CARE Resource Toolkit

  • Dynamic, engaging interaction, questions from the attendees

  • Sessions are recorded, replay and additional resources available

  • Certificate of Completion awarded for each Module completed

  • Access to two (2) in-depth demonstration video trainings:

    • Defining Students' Core Strength
    • Emotional Intelligence for Engagement

Office hours on Zoom for questions and support Mondays 11:30 – 12:30 pm and Tuesdays 8:00- 9:00 am the weeks of Nov 16th- Dec 15th

Marty L Ward

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