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CNN co-host, best-selling author, Debra Morrison, shares insights at TEDx

CNN co-host, best-selling author

Debra Morrison is a champion of women investors – helps thousands overcome fears and achieve financial security

CNN co-host, best-selling author shares finance and investment insights at TEDx Cocoa Beach March 23

Nothing can be scarier than finding you are now responsible for your financial future after the passing of a spouse or an untimely divorce. If you were not actively involved in your family’s saving and investing strategies, the reality that you must now learn how your money is invested, where, and what returns you’re getting can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this is the case for many women approaching retirement age who find themselves suddenly single.

Debra Morrison’s over 40 years’ experience as the head of her own fee-only financial services firm has given her the insights and perspectives to help thousands of women understand their current financial situation and move through their fear to invest wisely.

On Saturday, March 23, the former co-host of CNN Financial Network’s Talking Personal Finance with Stuart Varney and author of “My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recovery & Smart Financial Decisions” and “Common Sense Money Guide For Women” will be one of the featured speakers at TEDx Cocoa Beach at the Surfside Playhouse - 301 Ramp Road in Cocoa Beach. Her presentation entitled “Feel the Financial Fear and & Do It Anyway” will focus on tools to move through investment fear; minimizing risk to maximize return; and ensuring lifetime income.

Morrison’s wit & wisdom are evident in her easy-to-understand speaking style. She laces her financial prowess with humor and every-day analogies, breaking down complex financial concepts into easy-to-understand strategies. She works with her clients in helping them take the steps to become empowered in securing their financial futures. “My penchant for outside-the-box thinking inevitably creates more opportunities, more choices for my clients,” said Morrison. “We dovetail investing strategies with our clients’ risk tolerance, always with an eye to reduce income taxes. Converting our client’s nest eggs into retirement income streams, is especially important to today’s retirees with a 401(k).”

Her expertise is often called upon by major networks and publications and Morrison, along with her appearances on CNN and CNN Financial Network, has also been featured on ABC and quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Business Week. 

Morrison will also be the special guest speaker at the March 26 meeting of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Brevard Business Professionals at Red Ginger – 1700 West New Haven Ave. in the Melbourne Square Mall. There, Morrison will highlight the three types of financial advisors and which may be best for a person based on their financial income and goals; the difference between active and passive investing; and why the media is not a source for portfolio construction.

Tickets for TEDx Cocoa Beach can be purchased at Tickets for Brevard Business Professionals meeting are available at

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