Give Yourself the Gift of Beautiful Skin
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Give Yourself the Gift of Beautiful Skin

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Ciara Barnard works with a client at My Facial Girl.

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Christy Goivannini and Ciara Barnard are the dynamic beauty duo at My Facial Girl.

The parties and special events that accompany the holiday season can leave skin with little cause for celebration. Staying up late and making do with less sleep, enjoying sweets and alcohol a little too much, trading exercise for shopping and the added stress that often accompanies holiday preparations can leave our skin tired.

With so much going on, it’s tempting to skip the skincare regimen, but don’t fall for that temptation. Cleansing and moisturizing will help you glow during the holidays and help keep your skin hydrated, a real problem during this super busy time of year.

Particularly during the holidays, it is a good idea to add electrolytes to our drinking water. Two to three times a week, set aside “skin time” to gently exfoliate with a scrub or peel pad, and also make the time to massage a hydrating face mask a few times a week. Let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes before applying your favorite moisturizer. This ritual also does excellent double duty as a stress reliever when the days seem much too short for everything that needs to be done.

Include your skin in your gift recipients list by penciling in special office treatments such as dermaplaning. A dermaplaning facial exfoliates the skin and removes facial “peach fuzz” without any danger that the hair will grow back darker or thicker. Trust me, I’ve been dermaplaning my face for 10 years! Makeup sets well after dermaplaning, which offers a holiday glow that can last up to a month. 

Speaking of glow, Diamond Glow is perfect for skin that is acne-prone or congested. Think of it as a little wet vac that deep cleans pores and exfoliates the skin while infusing skin type-specific serums. Like dermaplaning, the enhanced radiance of Diamond Glow is visible for up to four weeks. 

During the holidays, hair usually gets special attention, but why not also share the love with lashes and brows? With lash lift and tint, lashes stay darker and curled for a month. Complement it with Tint ‘n Tidy, shaping and tinting.

Throughout the year,  we feel blessed to be able to help our clients look their best through the services we offer at My Facial Girl. For me, one of the best gifts I can receive is hearing from clients such as Cathy Schirmer, who emailed me to say that she had “the best facial ever.” Cathy added that, “Several friends have commented on how good my skin looks so now I am referring everyone. I look forward to every visit with My Facial Girl.”

Bridgette Stillie is another dear client who we also consider a friend. Bridgette so enjoys the regular facials and other recommended treatments she receives from my colleague, Ciara Barnard, that she felt compelled to message me. 

“My skin has never been better,” she wrote. Bridgette’s daughter is now also a “Ciara gal.” “Ciara is really good with helping teach her how to take care of her skin.”

To Cathy, Bridgette, all our other wonderful clients and all our friends in the Space Coast, Ciara and I wish a holiday season full of joy, love, cheer…and beautiful skin!

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Licensed esthetician Christy Giovannini is the owner of My Facial Girl. The practice offers advanced skin care treatment and customized facials.

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