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Meet Yanai

Meet Yanai

Yanai Calderon

Earth Room Collective was created by Yanai Calderon, a registered nurse and yoga teacher. Most know her as Gypsy Nai for her wandering feet and wild and free spirit. She recently moved from California to Florida, and alongside her boyfriend Chad Warren, owner of Space Coast CrossFit, has created a conscious and cooperative space for the community. Her intention is to collaborate with local artists, musicians, yoga teachers, and health and wellness educators to share and create together, with the intention of inspiring our community.

Having lived in California and Hawaii, she connected to Mother Earth and her healing ways, and "Earth" is an integral part of her lifestyle. Yanai is an advocate for connecting with nature and your passion, the kind that makes your heart smile and lose track of time. Her classes are wildly inspired, blending powerful rhythmic flows merging the power of breath and movement with intention. She also hosts women empowerment circles.


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