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Bravely Stand Out

Bravely Stand Out

Finding your path is never easy. In fact, I have often wondered if people even realize they are on a path to finding a better and more balanced way of living life. Each of us are uniquely designed. We have special gifts and talents that support our journey. And every situation and person we meet is meant to help us grow. It is only when we raise our consciousness and self-awareness that we gain a more enlightened perspective on the life we are living.

In most cases, we must look back to see where we have been and then inward to grow, learn and adjust so we can move forward. Our lives are filled with daily tasks and responsibilities.  So many responsibilities that quite frequently it is hard to recall the day and the many encounters we have had. We rush from each activity and go from destination to destination almost blindly. We hustle to prove our value, and busy feels productive when in all actuality, we are on the path that leads to burnout and lack of fulfillment. Can you relate?

If you can imagine looking at your life from a mountain top instead of the ground, it becomes easier to see that more is not necessarily better and that everyone has struggles and burdens. We all just do the best that we can with the tools that we have to work with. The grass in not greener on the other path. Yet we have all been guilty of comparing our lives to our friends and neighbors.

Undoubtedly, COVID has been challenging for all of us. However, I believe COVID was a way for God to get our attention, to slow us down so that we could take notice and appreciate the things we have right in front of us before we self-imploded. I know I was not making time for the things that matter to me most and I especially was not making time to take care of myself.

To be honest, I still do not have it all figured out. I have good days and bad days when it comes to self-care, and I have days where I burn the candle at both ends and wind up asking myself, “Why do I continue to do this?

Fulfillment comes from having a clear sense of purpose. My biggest mistake over the years has been not believing that I was good enough or deserving enough to have all the things that I dreamed about having and doing. I believed it was my job to support others, even if it was at my own expense.

I have learned that our strongest tool is choice and that we can do hard things if we trust the process and are open to possibility. Create the highest grandest vision for yourself because you become what you believe.

Get uncomfortable, dig into things that matter. Let go of labels and shatter the patterns that hold you back. Dare to stand out. Be brave.


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