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Dental Health Affects the Entire Body

Dental Health Affects the Entire Body

Dental health is directly connected to overall body health. Teeth, gums and other structures of the mouth are never isolated organs or tissues, but an integral part of the body and often a reflection of the health of the entire body, which depends heavily upon proper diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

Myself, Dr. Chris Edwards, and Dr. Robert Brown of Smile Design and Wellness Center work with other healthcare practitioners to help our patients achieve better general health by improving oral health. We recognize the individual needs of each patient and work with the patient to eliminate the lasting negative effects that disease, habits and dental materials in the mouth have on other systems of the body.

Our evaluation and treatment starts with a thorough examination. This includes detailed medical and dental history and listening to patients' concerns. It continues with a diagnosis using digital X-rays, which minimizes exposure to radiation, and a thorough evaluation of the teeth and existing restorations through a surgical microscope.

Teeth, supporting structures and gums and bone are evaluated for signs of inflammation. Increasingly, inflammation has been linked to many systemic conditions. Often periodontal disease is the prime source of inflammation. In many cases, it is asymptomatic and painless.  80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. Proper assessment of the ecology of the mouth relating to the types and kinds of biofilm (plaque) and bacteria present and the local environmental factors, like oral PH, are vital to the diagnosis and proper selection of treatment.

We use dark screen microscopy to evaluate the flora of the mouth. We do a functional assessment to determine the health issues facing each patient, which encompasses an evaluation of TMJs, muscles, bite and structural dental stress factors. Oral cancer screening and an exam for other oral pathologies is the next step.

After all information is gathered and processed, a diagnostic and treatment plan is put together and presented to the patient. Risks, benefits, and alternatives are discussed with the patient, as well as the need for a possible consult with other healthcare professionals.

We use modern technologies including lasers for healing and treatment, and ozone therapy — one of the natural ways to treat inflammation and infection. All the materials we use are biocompatible.

The removal of silver amalgam fillings, which are 50% mercury, is done in the safest way, minimizing the exposure to the toxicity. We follow the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) protocol for safe mercury removal, protecting the patient, dentist and staff.

We keep your whole health in mind, not just the condition of your teeth and mouth.


After practicing dentistry for five years in Honolulu and 20 years in Rhode Island, Dr. Chris Edwards moved to Brevard County in 2002 and opened the Smile Design Center in Viera. He is a consummate learner and as his knowledge base expanded, he changed the name to the Smile Design and Wellness Center in 2015. He was certified as a doctor of naturopathy in 2013 and is accredited by the IAOMT. Dr. Edwards has been a forward thinker with regard to technology to enable a higher level of service to his patients.

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