Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals
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Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Hypnosis can be one of your most powerful business tools!

Most people have heard of using hypnosis for weight loss, changing unhealthy habits and even getting to the root cause of anxiety, depression and resolving childhood trauma. 

But, did you know that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can also be extremely helpful for entrepreneurs and business professionals?

Entrepreneurs and business professionals are catching on to the power of hypnosis and I’m getting more and more calls requesting my hypnotherapy services for help with:

  • overcoming limiting beliefs about starting/growing a business
  • resolving fears (fear of failing, fear of success, public speaking or speaking in groups, being on camera, asking for payment equal to the value of your product or services, etc.)
  • adopting a healthy money mindset
  • boosting self-confidence
  • addressing procrastination
  • overcoming vulnerability (and the associated fears)
  • managing stress
  • getting “unstuck” and moving out of a rut
  • resolving issues with business partners/associates/employees
  • success mindset programming

An entrepreneur’s mindset can make or break a business; it can mean the difference between a business that never gets off the ground and a business that grows and flourishes. If fear of failing or lack of self-confidence prevents a business owner from taking even the most minimal risks, it can mean missing out on new business prospects and opportunities to grow.  Hypnotherapy can help address those fears and modify the client’s mindset to more closely align with their goals.

Hypnotherapy can also help entrepreneurs improve their mental health. According to Entrepreneur magazine,1 49% of entrepreneurs deal with some form of mental health challenge, such as anxiety, depression or ADHD. Hypnotherapy is highly effective with addressing these challenges by getting to the root cause and resolving them at the deepest level.

How does hypnotherapy work to help entrepreneurs and business professionals?

Hypnotherapy “rewires” the mind by building new neural pathways in the brain to establish new patterns of thinking. In order to do this at the deepest level, it must bypass the “guard at the gate” between the conscious and subconscious mind. That guard at the gate is what prevents the subconscious mind from accepting and adopting any idea that is not in alignment with established beliefs — and changing those beliefs must happen through direct communication with the subconscious mind.  

The hypnotherapy techniques I use are geared toward doing just that by introducing new thoughts, beliefs and perspectives in ways that make them acceptable to the subconscious mind. Once the fears and limiting beliefs are cleared, I refocus the client toward their goals and vision for their business, and then re-enforce the new ideas, vision and feelings of success. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be one of your most powerful business tools!


1 Mental Illness May Plague Entrepreneurs More Than Other People, Entrepreneur, June, 2018.


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