Neutralizing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy
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Neutralizing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Neutralizing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Most people have experienced anxiety — it’s a natural response to a stressful thought, event or set of circumstances. Mild anxiety can occur from time to time without cause for alarm, and may be resolved by getting better quality sleep, limiting caffeine intake, exercising, and practicing healthy nutritional habits. 

But when anxiety is not kept in check or resolved, it can affect the physical body and begin to manifest as illness or disease. 

Talk it Out

Sometimes simply talking it out or venting strong emotions with an uninvolved party can release the anxiousness and provide some relief. Freely expressing emotions in a healthy way can prevent them from developing into an unhealthy state.

Surface Techniques

A number of surface techniques can be used to reduce anxiety on the spot, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “tapping”), guided meditation and breathwork. These techniques will not resolve the underlying cause of the anxiety but can provide relief from the debilitating symptoms of anxiety. 

For some people, just the thought of experiencing intense anxiety or a full-blown panic attack is enough to cause it. Therefore, being armed with some tools and techniques to use “just in case” can be enough to keep anxiety in check.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

When talking it out or using surface techniques aren’t enough, and the anxiety persists and impacts important areas of a person’s life (such as relationships and social activity), deeper work is in order. Clinical hypnotherapy is a relatively quick, effective way to get to the root cause of anxiety and neutralize the triggers that cause it. 

The subconscious mind, sometimes referred to as “the programming,” heavily influences our thoughts and behavior. It’s below our level of awareness and contains all of our memories, emotions, and beliefs about ourselves, others and the world we live in — and is often at the root of triggers that cause anxiety. 

Because we aren’t consciously aware of most of what is contained in our subconscious mind, it can be challenging to identify the source of anxiety or pinpoint the trigger. At a conscious level, we can guess what’s causing it, but often the root cause is much deeper.

A clinical hypnotherapist who is trained in protocols specifically geared toward identifying the client’s initial sensitizing event (the origin of the anxiety) can help the client resolve it at the source. Resolving and collapsing the beliefs and emotions associated with the initial event neutralizes the trigger that causes the anxiety. We’re then able to reprogram a more comfortable perspective.

So, if you’re experiencing anxiety and talking it out and surface techniques aren’t resolving it, hypnotherapy with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist can make all the difference.

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