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The Sounds of Wellness

The Sounds of Wellness

Some people like to unwind with a relaxing bubble bath at home. Others prefer to take a soothing sound bath at the local art museum.

That’s why the Foosaner Art Museum began offering “Sound Collage, A Sound Bath for the Senses,” an immersive, meditative sound experience featuring Anthony Profeta, a locally based, internationally acclaimed meditation teacher. Sound Collage is a new type of wellness program.

Marsha Meyers of the Hipsetter Group said it’s not surprising that the museum booked the Sound Collage. Meyers created the event with Profeta based on her own personal experiences finding relaxation and calm during a highly stressful time living in New York City. She visited museums and attended sound baths to de-stress and rejuvenate, and she realized that by combining the two, it created a powerfully relaxing experience.

Profeta, known as the “Rock Star of Sound Bowls,” creates magical sounds with his Himalayan singing bowls that when mixed with the art on the museum walls creates a unique collage for the senses that is deeply relaxing, cleansing and healing. This type of healing sound bath can be customized to fit various types of venues and can include additional elements like aromatic scents and other musicians such as a flutist, pianist or harpist.

Never heard of a sound bath? In simple terms, a sound bath is an experience in which a group of people gather, often while lying on a mat, to listen to sounds produced through various instruments. Research has shown that sound baths lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and induce deep relaxation. Sound baths also can reduce depression, chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Profeta explains the effects: “The vibrations within sound are proven to change brain waves from ‘beta,’ which are fastest and occur when we are active and thinking, to ‘alpha,’ the waves present when one is resting or in a relaxed meditative state.” 

A medical student turned meditation teacher, Profeta has travelled the globe studying under the most well-respected teachers, including Jack Kornfield and the 14th Dalai Lama. Profeta’s events regularly sell out throughout the U.S.

Sound baths have been gaining popularity with mainstream Americans as more people look for ways to reduce stress and anxiety. Corporations and tech companies such as Google have incorporated sound baths into their wellness programs. Hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, have begun incorporating sound baths into their treatment plans.

Carla Funk, Executive Director for University Museums at Florida Tech, has hosted the popular Sound Collage several times at the Foosaner Art Museum because it “benefits our community with its emphasis on healing and wellness.”

— Marsha Lewis


To learn more about bringing “Sound Collage, A Sound Bath for the Senses” or Anthony Profeta to your business or event, email or call 713-203-4260.


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