Women Rejoice: Unwrap the BEST You Wellness Event is Back!
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Women Rejoice: Unwrap the BEST You Wellness Event is Back!

Women Rejoice: Unwrap the BEST You Wellness Event is Back!

Tracy Stroderd, CEO & Publisher of EverythingBrevard, is re-launching the transformative women's wellness retreat Unwrap the BEST You.

Good news, ladies! After a brief pandemic-induced hibernation, the women’s wellness experience Unwrap the BEST You launched by EverythingBrevard CEO Tracy Stroderd in 2017 is back. 

Those who attended the inaugural symposium in 2018 emerged changed and motivated. And after a three-year hiatus following a not-so-vibey virtual version during the pandemic, now even more women can get in on the self-love revolution by attending this year’s reinvigorated event in October.

Tracy has declared she is operating with “this unstoppable level of energy,” and has revived Unwrap the BEST You with a new fire and crystal clear mission. 

“I think people are looking for true genuine connection, and this event is where you can come be free to explore your feelings, emotions, current life circumstances, and toss around ideas of change,” Tracy said of the weekend retreat with Friday night kick-off party. “It’s a safe environment to do all that.”

Community Roots

Tracy has long established herself as a champion of her Space Coast community, specifically raising up small-business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone whose story could inspire others. The legacy of EverythingBrevard gels around Tracy’s leadership in shining a light on paths to good health and wellness. 

That meant Tracy, too, felt compelled to share her story, how in 2016 at age 49, she was hospitalized with a near fatal episode of diabetic ketoacidosis and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. After a moment thinking this intense blow meant she’d have to sell or close her EverythingBrevard business, she realized there is more to life than managing blood sugar.

That led to a reinvigorated mission to continue elevating the people making an impact on the Space Coast through the good-living publication EverythingBrevard magazine, and also with the in-person Unwrap the Best You women’s wellness events.

“I am fueled by having a life with purpose,” Tracy said. “If I can help 1% of people have a better life, then my journey was worth it.”

Tracy’s years of experience as a mentor, fierce innovator, selfless connector and master at building relationships have perfectly prepared her for re-launching Unwrap the BEST You. And the line of people ready to come back and transform stand alongside Tracy in 2024 extends to both attendees and presenters, all who cherish their own life-changing experiences from the early events.

Lana Saal, President of the Board of Directors for the National Wellness Institute, said she was honored to be the keynote speaker at the 2018 Unwrap the BEST You symposium.

“This event brought women from all backgrounds together, allowing those seeking to feel connected and uplifted,” Lana said. “Attendees walked away feeling refreshed and pampered across mind, body, and soul. From the inspirational presenters, I gained knowledge and skills to ignite the motivation to make changes toward my best-self!”

The Unwrap Evolution

The same year Tracy launched EverythingBrevard magazine — the printed extension of her online EverythingBrevard.com brand — in 2017, she started hosting Unwrap the BEST You meet-ups. These were small and intimate gatherings featuring specialty speakers and activities designed with the purpose of inspiring those attending to live their best lives. The topics reflected the things Tracy was experiencing in her business, health and life, or that her clients expressed an interest — themes like oral health, gut health, and business training.

“I was trying to find resources to help me find myself along this journey, and I thought other women needed to have this information, too,” Tracy said.  

In 2018, the meet-ups evolved into the first live Unwrap the BEST You symposium. Experts in the fields of happiness, entrepreneurship, leadership and body positivity inspired attendees to make changes in their pursuit to live more authentic and fulfilling lives.

“Unwrap the BEST You provided an uplifting and inspiring experience for not only my personal growth, but professional growth, as well,” said Bobbi Whitemore, owner of Bobbi's at Parkside, who did a presentation on confidence and clothing for women at different stages in life. “We gained valuable tools to navigate through life with confidence and success. Unlock your true potential and become the best version of yourself with like-minded women!” 

COVID forced the 2020 event to go virtual.

 “It just didn’t have the same vibe,” Tracy said. “Everyone was so burned out on virtual and I just wasn’t feeling it, so I just said we’re not going to do that anymore. I just retired it.”

Renewed Purpose

During Tracy’s recent years of searching to expand her purpose, feel fulfilled and develop her leadership, she realized she, too, often had focused on taking care of others, neglecting her own wellbeing. Deciding it was time to put herself first again, Tracy knew that also ironically meant she could take care of others on an even grander scale — by sharing all good things at the 2024 Unwrap the BEST You.

Things clicked when Tracy discovered a coaching program offered by French scientist Jessie Inchauspé, who authored “The Glucose Revolution.” 

“There isn’t one day that I don’t talk to somebody who has some kind of thing going on in their body or in their life that she’s not addressing in this book,” Tracy explained. “It all came together for me that that is my calling. And all along, that’s been what EverythingBrevard is — a good-living publication. We share those good-living stories about people who turn tragedy into triumph.”

The excitement about the return of Unwrap the BEST You extends to the venue.

From the previous events’ relaxed Friday evening socials to kick things off, to the slumber party to the nourishing custom menu, Unwrap embodied the cozy retreat Tracy intended.

As director of sales and operations for 360 Hospitality Group, a management company headquartered at Space Coast Convention Center, Kandy Kotys said she is excited to welcome Tracy back with Unwrap the BEST You.

“I love to work with Tracy and anything she's involved in. She’s very creative, dedicated and goal-oriented,” Kandy said. “But the main thing is, once she is involved with something, she can really put a good team together, it's not all about her.”

Kandy said it’s refreshing to partner with Tracy and dedicate to her vision: “I wish every client was like her and her investment and passion for her event. We don’t see obstacles. We’re going to knock it out of the park.” 

The Event

Unwrap the BEST You Symposium, Powered by EverythingBrevard
Oct. 4-6, 2024
Space Coast Convention Center
301 Tucker Lane, Cocoa, FL 32926

Hotel: 321-635-9975
When booking your room, mention Unwrap the BEST You and the event date for discounted room rate.

Speakers to be announced
Friday, Oct. 4: Sisterhood soiree, 5-8 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 5-6: Education, empowerment, hands-on activities.
Hours TBA

For more information:
Instagram: @unwrapthebestyou

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EverythingBrevard will release a special annual printed publication July 1 that will focus on… everyone! While Unwrap the BEST You is just for women, our magazine is a broad good-living publication relevant for our entire community.

If you have a product or service that you know our community will be jazzed to learn about and support, then it’s a great time to join this good-living movement. Learn more about having a presence in this inaugural special-edition magazine by contacting Tracy at 321-960-3453 or tracy@everythingbrevard.com

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