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Wednesday December 11, 2019 to Sunday December 15, 2019

Saturday December 14, 2019 1 Event

Mindful Strength Training w/ Ashley Toner

Ashley Toner The Yoga Garden
Date: Saturday December 14, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: The Yoga Garden
Address: 1482 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne, FL, 32935
Category: Health
Learn the basics of strength training, from the ground up!
Dial in on the mind-body awareness you’ve cultivated in your yoga practice and learn how to apply it to muscle isolation and fundamentals of strength training. We will dive into the basic movement patterns that create a well-rounded strength training program and learn how to adapt each movement to fit individual bodies. Build a strength training program to add to your home practice and learn how to connect to your foundation.





Warm- Ups


Mind-body awareness

Muscle isolation

Movement Patterns:

A well-rounded strength training program contains four fundamental movement patterns. We will workshop different variations of these movements and make personalized adjustments to fit each body.

Push : Chest Press, Shoulder Press

Pull : Row

Squat : Goblet Squat, Lunge

Hinge : Deadlift

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